Searching for immediate drivers available in your locality and trying your luck
Losing focus on business by wasting time in negotiating prices with the drivers
Spoiling mood for the rest of the day for over paying for the transportation
Worrying about the safety of goods
Tiresome work in keeping manual ledgers for the trips.
Leading to inefficiencies in business and work-life balance


Having a ratio of 1:3 (customer : network of trusted motorists) in the area of service, to ensure punctual and reliable service
Fixed prices that are favorable to the customers and the motorists (transporters)
Booking orders on V-Carry App or on phone with trained employees to have a professional conversation with the system generated pricing
GPS tracking of the motorist
Digital ledger on the V-Carry mobile App.
Saving time and cost to increase efficiency of customer’s business


We have been working with V-Carry since more than 1 year for our intra-city transportation. Previously we had to rely on local transportation vendors who were highly unreliable in terms of punctuality and fluctuating rates. With V-Carry we have fixed rates and hassle free bookings.

Urvish Shah - Owner, Padma Paper Agency

V-Carry has been a great relief for us in managing our transportation. Previously, too much of my time was wasted in calling 5-6 different tempo drivers and writing accounts for each and everyone of them separately, as we need mini-trucks on regular basis. By working with V-Carry much of my time and energy is saved.

Pintu Panchal - Handles Transportation at Q-Concept

100 percent of our transportation is managed by V-Carry. We are happy working with V-Carry’s friendly and supportive staff. I now don’t have to deal with tempo drivers directly especially in giving them advance money whenever they ask for it.

Jitendra Patel - Owner, Perfect Honing

Great startup! I don’t have to worry about my staff who usually negotiates rates with the local tempo drivers. My employee can focus on production activity and hassle free send the goods to the customers.

Bipin Joshi - Owner, Aakash Hydraulics



I am so glad V-Carry is there for us. I now earn much more than I previously used to earn. It is impossible for me to single handedly manage so many companies to do business with.

Ashok Patel - Owns a Tata Ace LCV

I now don’t have to keep asking different companies for transportation orders. With the increased competition in the transporters, it is sometimes hard to get the orders everyday, which I now get it on V-Carry App!

Rajnikant Chavda - Owns a Tata Ace LCV